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Suffering a torn rotator cuff is both frustrating and debilitating, impacting daily activities and diminishing quality of life. The road to recovery involves a meticulous rotator cuff repair procedure to mend damaged tendons. Our support extends beyond surgery, encompassing a comprehensive recovery plan. We understand the challenges and offer guidance on navigating through rehabilitation with tailored exercises, pain management strategies, and lifestyle adjustments. Our team at Moveo Performance is committed to easing the frustration, aiding in the healing process, and providing invaluable tips for a successful recovery journey. Trust us to empower you with the knowledge and support needed for a strong and effective rehabilitation.


surgical procedure

ACL reconstruction is a surgical procedure performed to repair a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in the knee, a common injury among athletes and active individuals. During the procedure, the surgeon replaces the damaged ACL with a graft, typically sourced from the patient's hamstring tendon, patellar tendon, or donor tissue. This graft is securely anchored to the femur and tibia using specialized screws or fixation devices, restoring stability to the knee joint. ACL reconstruction is often performed arthroscopically, allowing for smaller incisions, less postoperative pain, and faster recovery compared to traditional open surgery. Postoperative rehabilitation plays a crucial role in restoring strength, stability, and function to the knee, enabling patients to return to their desired level of activity safely.


during your rehab

Following ACL reconstruction, patients undergo a structured rehabilitation program to regain knee strength, stability, and proprioception. Full recovery can take six months to a year, with gradual return to sports and high-impact activities under guidance.

recovery process

Recovery from ACL reconstruction is a gradual process, with initial focus on reducing swelling and restoring range of motion followed by strengthening exercises. Prognosis is generally good, with many patients able to return to pre-injury activity levels, although the risk of re-injury remains a concern, especially in younger, active individuals.

partners in your recovery

Embark on a journey of successful recovery with Moveo Performance's post-operative care. Trust our specialized team to guide you through rehabilitation after orthopedic or sports-related surgery, including cases like ACL reconstruction or joint replacements. We collaborate closely with surgeons to tailor a personalized rehabilitation plan, focusing on your unique needs and ensuring a safe and effective recovery. Choose Moveo Performance for expert guidance, dedicated support, and a comprehensive approach that prioritizes your well-being. Let us be your partner in reclaiming strength, mobility, and a full, active life after surgery. Your path to recovery begins with us.

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