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Moveo Performance excels in post-operative care, specializing in orthopedic and sports-related surgeries. Common cases include rotator cuff repairs, ACL reconstructions, joint replacements, and more. Our collaborative approach involves close communication with surgeons to ensure a seamless transition from the operating room to rehabilitation. Moveo Performance customizes rehabilitation plans for each case, focusing on gradual strengthening, targeted exercises, and functional training to optimize recovery. Our team prioritizes patient safety and effective rehabilitation, fostering a supportive environment that promotes healing and a successful return to normal and sporting activities.


Following rotator cuff repair surgery, Moveo Performance provides post-operative physical therapy tailored to each individual. Our approach focuses on gradual strengthening, range of motion exercises, and functional training to optimize healing and restore shoulder function.

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Post-SLAP repair, Moveo Performance designs specialized physical therapy plans. We prioritize careful progression, incorporating exercises to enhance shoulder stability, improve range of motion, and ensure a successful recovery.

Trust our team to guide you through your rehabilitation and road to recovery following a total knee replacement. Our goal is to ensure a rapid restoration of joint mobility and muscle strength through a strategized plan of care to get you back to your daily activities.


Moveo Performance specializes in orthopedic and sports rehabilitation for back issues. Our expert therapists provide targeted interventions to address pain, improve spinal health, and facilitate a swift return to daily and athletic activities.

After ACL reconstruction, Moveo Performance's post-operative physical therapy aims to rebuild strength, restore knee stability, and facilitate a safe return to activities. Customized exercises address muscle imbalances and enhance overall knee function.

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Achilles Repair.jpg

Post-Achilles repair surgery, Moveo Performance emphasizes gradual rehabilitation. Our physical therapy approach includes exercises to promote tendon healing, enhance ankle flexibility, and strengthen the lower leg, ensuring a safe and effective recovery.

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Embark on a journey of successful recovery with Moveo Performance's post-operative care. Trust our specialized team to guide you through rehabilitation after orthopedic or sports-related surgery, including cases like ACL reconstruction or joint replacements. We collaborate closely with surgeons to tailor a personalized rehabilitation plan, focusing on your unique needs and ensuring a safe and effective recovery. Choose Moveo Performance for expert guidance, dedicated support, and a comprehensive approach that prioritizes your well-being. Let us be your partner in reclaiming strength, mobility, and a full, active life after surgery. Your path to recovery begins with us.

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