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Soft Tissue Mobilization 

Soft mobilization therapy being performed in McAllen, TX

relieving tension.

Instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) is a specialized technique used in physical therapy to address soft tissue and musculoskeletal issues. IASTM employs uniquely designed instruments, often made of stainless steel, to target and manipulate soft tissues, such as muscles, tendons, and fascia. These instruments have specific edges and contours that allow therapists to precisely locate and treat areas of restriction or adhesions within the soft tissues.

IASTM effectively breaks down scar tissue, fascial restrictions, and adhesions in the affected area. This process can help restore optimal function and range of motion, reducing pain and discomfort. Soft tissue mobilization techniques, including IASTM, are commonly used in physical therapy to aid patients in their recovery.

reduce pain.

In physical therapy, soft tissue mobilization techniques, such as IASTM, are integrated into treatment plans to complement manual therapy techniques. These techniques are particularly beneficial for conditions like muscle strains, tendinopathies, and post-surgical rehabilitation. By targeting soft tissue restrictions, soft tissue mobilization aids in the restoration of normal movement patterns, improves flexibility, and accelerates the healing process.


Patients undergoing soft tissue mobilization therapy often experience reduced pain, increased mobility, and improved overall physical function. It is a non-invasive, evidence-based approach that can significantly enhance the effectiveness of physical therapy treatments, helping individuals on their path to recovery and improved quality of life.

Looking to address your pain?

Unlock the transformative benefits of soft tissue mobilization at Moveo Performance in McAllen, TX. Our skilled therapists utilize specialized techniques to target and release soft tissue restrictions, enhancing your range of motion and reducing discomfort. Experience the rejuvenating power of these therapies, which not only relieve pain but also improve your overall well-being.


At Moveo Performance, soft tissue mobilization can help you regain your full potential, whether you're recovering from an injury, surgery, or simply looking to enhance your physical performance. Trust in our expert team to improve your mobility, reduce pain, and elevate your quality of life. Discover a brighter, more active future with Moveo Performance.

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