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everything billing

how to use your plan and payment options.

how it all works

step 1

We'll verify your insurance and share with you your benefits.

step 2

You'll pay your required co-pay/deductible for your session. 

step 3

We'll directly bill your insurance to ensure that you have access to your max potential benefits.

accepted insurances



Initial Evaluation + Follow-up visits

Our single-session physical therapy approach offers you the flexibility to receive an initial evaluation and subsequent sessions based on your individual needs. With the pay-as-you-go model, you're not committed to a specific number of visits, allowing you to schedule sessions according to your convenience and progress, putting you in control of your therapy journey.


Initial evaluation


per visit


initial evaluation +
7-Follow-up visits

Choose our bundle package for a streamlined and strategic approach to your physical therapy journey. With this package, you secure a planned sequence of care, ensuring a smooth and effective treatment process. Enjoy the advantages of prioritized scheduling and seamless continuity of care, providing you with a comprehensive and well-organized therapeutic experience.


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