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labral repair

Experiencing a torn shoulder labrum can provoke a range of emotions, from frustration to anxiety, coupled with physical discomfort and limitations in daily activities. Labral repair involves surgically addressing the torn tissue to restore shoulder stability and function. At our facility, we prioritize comprehensive care throughout the recovery journey. Our specialized team designs tailored rehabilitation plans, integrating exercises, manual therapy, and gradual progression to promote healing and rebuild shoulder strength. We offer guidance on proper movement mechanics, activity modification, and pain management strategies. With our support, patients can navigate their recovery journey effectively, gradually regaining shoulder function and returning to their desired level of activity.


surgical procedure

A shoulder labral repair is a surgical intervention performed to address tears or damage to the labrum, a ring of fibrous cartilage that surrounds the shoulder joint, providing stability and support. Using arthroscopic techniques, the surgeon accesses the shoulder joint through small incisions, allowing for minimal tissue disruption and faster recovery. After identifying the damaged labral tissue, the surgeon may trim the torn portion or reattach it to the glenoid (socket) using specialized anchors or sutures. This procedure aims to restore the structural integrity of the shoulder joint, alleviate symptoms such as pain and instability, and facilitate a return to normal activities and sports participation.


during your rehab

After shoulder labral repair, patients typically wear a sling for a period to protect the repair. Physical therapy focuses on restoring range of motion, strengthening the shoulder muscles, and improving stability. Return to sports or heavy lifting may take several months, with gradual progression under guidance.

recovery process

Recovery from shoulder labral repair involves a gradual return to normal activities, with full recovery typically taking several months. Prognosis is generally favorable, with many patients experiencing reduced pain and improved shoulder stability, although outcomes may vary based on the extent of the injury and surgical technique.

partners in your recovery

Embark on a journey of successful recovery with Moveo Performance's post-operative care. Trust our specialized team to guide you through rehabilitation after orthopedic or sports-related surgery, including cases like ACL reconstruction or joint replacements. We collaborate closely with surgeons to tailor a personalized rehabilitation plan, focusing on your unique needs and ensuring a safe and effective recovery. Choose Moveo Performance for expert guidance, dedicated support, and a comprehensive approach that prioritizes your well-being. Let us be your partner in reclaiming strength, mobility, and a full, active life after surgery. Your path to recovery begins with us.

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